Is Your Relationship The Best Thing You Have Going?

If it is, then you’re in trouble.

Why? Because the best thing you have going in your life had better be YOU.
Not some other person who happens to ” treat you better than anyone else ever has.”

( Which makes me ask, how have you been treating yourself? )

Here’s how it needs to go :

1) YOU treat yourself better than anyone EVER could.

2) One day someone will come along who agrees with the way you treat yourself.

3) YOU AGREE to go out with them.

4) Then BRAVO ! You might just have a chance at a healthy relationship.

What am I getting at here? A certain reality that is all too common; yet understandably easy to fall into.

What is it?

It’s the unfortunate reality of looking for someone else to love us because we really don’t want to learn how to love ourselves.
This particular reality lends itself to all kinds of co-dependent chaos.

Unhealthy co-dependence which puts the power of our happiness smack dab into someone else’s lap.
(God forbid they should have a bad day!)
But that is what exactly what happens. And when it does, all kinds of drama ensues.

Point is, you need to learn to be the best thing going in your own life.
Especially if you want to keep that wonderful relationship going strong.
Because if you don’t, that relationship will start going south and toward misery fast.


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