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ever feel like no matter how hard you try to do something – you just can’t? you know what we mean – the promotion you never seem to get or the relationship that always seems wrong? come on – how many times have you tried to reach your personal goal and just putt, putt, putted to nowheresville? the solution? a modern-day “intuitive therapist” who can see and feel your negative energy just like old asian medicine – and change it.

pat novak swears by her method of intuitive therapy (as do her fortune 500 clients and celebs throughout the country). ever feel like you have just been skydiving or swimming in a dream and when you wake up you really feel like you did those things? pat novak explains that her method of meditations does almost the same thing. after examining your energy, she brings you into a brief mediation that helps you visualize your success and release your blockages. you actually feel like you’ve overcome your fear of flying without knowing why. soon that promotion is yours and you’ve sent that difficult partner packin’.
try her for yourself.

juli b.

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