Now What?

I don’t know how it’s been for you.   Pat Novak / Feed The Love

But if your reality has been anything like mine, it’s full of change. I’m not sure who I am or what I really want anymore.

I have a general idea, a general direction. But the vastness of the future is pretty amazing. It looks like anything is possible.

While I am someone who knows a lot of things, it’s the unknown which attracts me now. My life is more about following my intuition, rather than old patterns. Listening to my inner guidance, rather than old fears or ways to manipulate reality to match old beliefs. 

I pay closer attention to incongruities now. 

You know, when your reality doesn’t match the way you think.

An example of this would be, if you see yourself as slim, but the mirror clearly shows you’re fat. 

You say you really want a relationship, but you haven’t dated in years.

You say you want to be rich, but you can barely pay your bills.

You believe you are spiritual, but are still very afraid of the world.

These are incongruities. You image doesn’t fit your reality.

Usually, it’s because there is some hidden agenda behind what you say you believe.

To find this, you need to be willing to be very honest with yourself.

This is what I ask of my clients. It is what I ask of myself.

Not to judge and make you bad or wrong. Just to be willing, to look at what you are really attached to being and/or creating.

Your reality doesn’t lie.

In your incongruities, you can find where to focus.

You can find the next step, the now what.