How I Learned To Love My Dark Side

Your Shadow is Not Your Enemy.

Misconception # 1  

One of the biggest misconceptions about the “Shadow” is, it is your enemy. You’ve been told, if you don’t deal with your Shadow, it will deal with you. Sounds pretty ominous right? 

Your Shadow is not your enemy. It’s not there to sabotage you. It is not there to hurt you. It is there to help you, because it holds that which needs to be disposed of and that which needs to be accepted, in order for you become real.

It holds what you need in order for you to become whole, in order for you to accomplish what you have come into this lifetime to accomplish. It is not your enemy.

It takes awhile to really understand the Shadow. The movie “The Shadow Effect” by Debbie Ford,

which included Deepak Chopra and Marianne Wiiliamson, was a beautiful and heartfelt  project. Feedback from many people who saw it was, they understood the general idea, but not what The Shadow meant in their daily lives. It’s so important to understand The Shadow and the misconceptions.

So, what is the Shadow?  The Shadow is made up of all the stuff that you have denied. The stuff about yourself that you discount, that you defend yourself against, that you distract yourself from. That you pretend doesn’t exist or ( if if it does exist )  are “no big deal.”  The Shadow is all the stuff that you learned to resist and that you refused to accept. This includes the dark and light aspects of yourself.

What most people have done is create an alliance with “the Idealized Self” or the negative ego.  

The negative ego is the unauthentic self which seeks approval by others. Don’t be yourself, be whatever it takes to be accepted. Just fit in and be normal, be idealized,  be whatever people want you to be to gain approval. Don’t accept yourself,  just be accepted by others. When it come to the Shadow, the Idealized Self will say,

“Ok, you’ve found your Shadow, don’t look any deeper. It’s nasty and ugly. So run away.”

Even those on a spiritual journey may deny the Shadow, as they only want to focus on the “positive” and the “light” aspects of themselves. The truth is, until you make peace with your Dark Shadow, you cannot truly embody your Light Shadow.

Briefly, your Shadow is the friend of the “real ” or “authentic” you. You need to shift alliances from the Idealized Self to your Shadow. The Negative ego always lies.  The Shadow always tells the truth.

  ” The Shadow contains the Lost Depth of Soul. And it contains the Lost Depth of  Spirit. Of an  imagination that imagines itself, of a creativity that creates itself. That is where that stuff is. The Shadow has it – not as ransom, but as a gift when you are willing to own it and make peace wih it and accept it. “