The Struggle Between Ego and Money

The mistake most people make with the ego, is to either deny it exists ( ” What ? Me? I have no Ego”) or giving it too much power.

Either by seeing it as the enemy or allowing it to be in control. We need our egos, they serve a function…. but, the ego is meant to be the servant, not the master

Our conscious self needs to be the one making our decisions in life, not our egos. Our egos simply report what’s going on. But, if we are not present ( asleep at the wheel ) our egos have no choice but to take over and start perceiving reality for us. This article  in Forbes, gives great examples how it can feel, when ego takes over.  – Pat Novak

“What part of the financial world has the most potential to derail a person’s personal finances? Is it political or economical? No . . . I believe that the greatest threat to a person’s financial happiness and well-being is the threat of Ego.”