The Dinner Party From Hell – A “Medium” Meltdown

“When you’re strange, faces come out of the rain, when you’re strange.” – The Doors.

While watching the recent meltdown of ” MediumAllison DuBois on
“The Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Bravo Channel-since repeated ) several thoughts came rushing to me.

The first : ” Oh no, she di’ent !”

The second:  I know why she did.

Some background info: Allison DuBois is a a famous Medium,
who is known to have assisted Law Enforcement officials solve crimes.
The TV show  “Medium”  was based on her.

Here is a quote from Ms. DuBois:

” Figuring out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings. “

Here’s another:

” F**k them. I don’t give a sh** what she says about me! She can f**k off.
I can tell you when she will die, and what will happen to her family. I love that about me.”

The last one was from the aforementioned show, which caused Bravo to promptly
cancel the show they were going to produce with Ms. DuBois, the next day.

I’m not here to point fingers, but maybe to explain.

Besides drinking too much, what else was going on here?

Intuition is becoming mainstream.
It’s not just for the “strange” anymore.
We are opening up to the idea that we are all “intuitive” on some level.

We are told to follow our “intuitive hits.”
Einstein said: “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

In the past, many who are highly functioning Intuitives,
first developed our talent as a survival mechanism.
You would learn to “read a room “.
You used your sensitivity to understand the emotional undercurrents
in any given situation.

If you dared speak the truth, you were risking punishment or rejection.

What’s a poor little ” Intuititive” supposed to do?

You went underground and developed your “gift”.
If wise, you evolved spiritually and re-emerged with compassion
and a refined gift, to use as a tool to help yourself and others.

Today, you can find a variety of classes on developing your Intuition.
Not out of necessity or survival,
but as a guidance system to help you reach your highest potential.

This involves healing and maturing a wounded ego.
Not pretending you are without ego.
As the saying goes:

” The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”.

Same goes for the ego.

What we witnessed on this show, and most reality shows, was a lot of ego-driven wounds.
From all the women, but unfortunately, especially from Allison DuBois.

This talented medium, had an emotional wound triggered and gave it
to her ego to handle, rather than her “enlightened” self.

Your Intuition is not a circus act. It is here to guide you.
To assist your development as a human and spiritual being.

This means honoring your feelings and vulnerability.
Being aware of your “shadow” , dark and light.
When these become integrated, a new kind of human being will emerge.

Intuition is a sacred skill of your soul,
one to develop and use,
in your transformational journey.